​The 3 "TIC's" For Facebook Ad Creation

​Like ​everything in life, the success of a Facebook ad​ ​is influenced by 2 factors:

The things you can control & the things you can't.

​When running Facebook ads, you really only have full control over three things:

  1. Your targeting
  2. Your images or video
  3. Your copy

"Tageting-Image-Copy or TIC"

​Everything else i​s influenced by external forces like the Facebook algorithm, they way people interact with your ads and even things like news & current events (for example, I'm writing this in the midst of the Cambridge ​Analytica ​​privacy scandal which is wreaking havoc on Facebook ads at the moment).

So, how do you "TIC" your ad creation to give it the best chance for success?

​Facebook Ad Targeting

Targeting is more than just who sees your ad, it also controls when and where they see it too.

With thousands of different targeting options, the best way to get your baseline targeting right is to look at the demographics, interests & behaviors of your current customers first.

This gives you the ability to create a custom audience, to create look-alike audiences & to use the Audience Insights tool to find similar audiences.

You can also use the Audience Insights tool to create a saved audience. Using the information you know about your target audience from current customer data and market research you can target people based on things like:

  • Location (everyone in an area, people who live in an area, people who have recently visited an area, etc)
  • Demographics (age, gender, education, relationship status, living situation, work, etc)
  • Interests (based on pages they've likes, posted they've engaged with, their activity, etc)
  • Behavior (purchase history, anniversary's, birthdays, devices, etc)

You can also choose what devices your ad will be seen on and which platforms in the advertising network your ads will be displayed.

Just remember to keep testing & optimizing your targeting to ensure that you're reaching your best converting & most profitable audience.

Choosing Your Ad Image

​Your ad image needs to be eye-catching, ​some​how relatable to what you're advertising, have less than 20% text & be 1200​x6​28px in size.

Using bright colors (avoid blue and white as they're Facebook colors and therefore won't stand out) will help attract attention but be careful to make your images aren't too gaudy or tacky as this tends to reduce conversions.

Having a smiling person, animals​ or something your audience can relate to in your image usually helps people connect with your ad and therefore, make them more receptive to your copy.

If you're selling an item, try using a ​contrasting plain background that makes your product image pop out as this can be quite eye-catching.

If you choose to use a video instead of an image it is important to include captions because most people ​have their news feed videos set to not play sound.

It's a good idea to test a range of images and video to see what attracts your audience attention best.

Writing Compelling Ad Copy

​Once you've caught the attention of your target audience you'll need to connect with them with your copy.

Here are ​​8 ways to do that:

  1. Let them know what they'll get when they click on your ad & explain how it will help them ​get a benefit they want
  2. Repeat the benefits and use examples to demonstrate them
  3. ​Make your ad offer as relevant to your target audience as possible
  4. Write with a conversational tone ​& make it easy to read and understand
  5. Personalize your ad by using "you/your" to make your audience feel like you're talking directly to them, because you are
  6. Avoid talking about your business, product features or anything that doesn't directly relate to letting your audience know what they get from the interaction with your ad
  7. Use emotional triggers and words that attract attention like 'free', 'exclusive', 'don't miss out'
  8. Be specific, unique & create urgency for your audience to want the benefit you're providing

Putting it together:

​The bulk of your message will appear above the ad image & while you can write as much as you like, the first 2-3 sentences are all people will see unless they click the "...​ continue reading" link.

​For this reason you need to make sure you establish a connection by showing an understanding of ​the benefit your audience want and create intrigue that you can give it to them.

Your headline is also always visible so it should support what you're saying in these sentences while the rest of your copy needs to use the 8 points above to nurture your audience to take action.

And don't forget a compelling call to action!

​How To Tell If Your Ads Are Getting Results

​​​Facebook reports on all your ad data in the Ads Manager Dashboard however, it can be quite complicated to use and time consuming to sort through everything to extract the relevant metrics that show your ads true performance in terms of generating a return on ad spend (ROAS).

​At ViaFunnel we've developed a process of compiling this data & presenting it in easy to read reports that make it crystal clear which TICs are profitable & which aren't.

​If you'd like a free "test drive" of this service you can learn more & apply here.