​​Should You Use Standard Events Or Custom Conversions To Track Ad ​Performance?

​If you're using Facebook ads you need to track your conversions, otherwise​:

  • ​The algorithm has no way of optimizing your ads for your goals
  • ​You have no way of measuring your ad performance
  • ​You'll end up wasting your ad spend

If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your site all you need to do is setup tracking for each conversion.

​Keep In Mind That:

​A conversion is any action you want ​your visitors to take, it's not just when they make a purchase. 

There are two ways to track your website conversions using the Facebook pixel:

Standard Events

There are 9 standard events that you can track with the Facebook pixel.

If you want to track any of these types of conversions you should use standard events because:

  • ​They are more accurate
  • ​They give you more features
  • check-circle
    They are compatible with dynamic product ads
  • check-circle
    ​They can track the conversion value of a dynamic checkout system
  • You can add parameters for even more detailed ​data reporting

​T​here's also ​suggestions that the algorithm can better optimize for standard event conversions because it has more data on them.

Custom Conversions

​These are created in your ads manager using URL rules. ​

​You should use custom conversions to track any events that aren't ​listed in the standard events or in the event that you need to track conversions based on user behavior​.

For example, you would use custom conversions if you wanted to optimize for people who only viewed products in a specific category like mens clothes or kids shoes or womens watches, etc.

​Still Not Sure?

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