​The Ultimate List Of ​Lookalike Audiences (& How To Use Them For Maximum Results)

Last week I noticed a sponsored post from Facebook themselves was in my news feed so, because I'm an obsessive ad stalker, I looked at their targeting.

They were using a Lookalike Audience.

So, out of curiosity I turned off all of my ad preferences & spent this week looking at the targeting used in every ad I was shown.

(Yes, I was temporarily blocked from using the "why am I seeing this" feature several times each day!)

​​In total, I saw 207 prospecting ads & 26 retargeting ads.

​Use Lookalike Audiences

Out of the 207 prospecting ads, 128 (or 62%) were using lookalike audience targeting.

​Side Note: I also clicked on every ad to ​see their landing pages (again, because ad stalker).

Only ​12.5% of these advertisers were following up on their warm traffic with retargeting ads. Do you?

I'm not surprised that lookalike audience targeting was the most common type.

They're known for delivering higher conversions at a lower cost & they're easy to set up.

The hardest thing is deciding which audience to use as the source!

The Best Sources To Use To Create Your Lookalike Audiences:



​Video Views

​Website Visitors

​​​Offsite Visitors

​How To Get The Best Results From Your Lookalike Audiences

  • Always start with your most profitable audience
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    S​elect an audience source that is most ​suited to your goal
  • ​Use 1% similarity
  • ​Make sure your source audience is bigger than 1,000 people but less than 10,000
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     Remove any audience overlap
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    Match device source audiences with device targeting
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    ​Combine lookalike audiences with location targeting
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     ​Make sure you test & track your results

If you want more insights into the best way to use lookalike audiences for your specific ad campaigns & goals you can get them with ​our Profit Pockets Ad Audit​.