10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance

​If you run Facebook ads I’m willing to bet that you’ve come across ​a number of different ​agencies offering to help you “improve your Facebook ads performance”, or something like that.​(Yes, I understand the irony that we’re a ​Facebook ads agency offering to do just that too…but hear me out, we may actually be able […]

The 3 “TIC’s” For Facebook Ad Creation

​Like ​everything in life, the success of a Facebook ad​​ ​is influenced by 2 factors: The things you can control & the things you can’t. ​When running Facebook ads, you really only have full control over three things:Your targetingYour images or videoYour copy”Tageting-Image-Copy or TIC” ​​Everything else i​s influenced by external forces like the Facebook algorithm, they way […]