Facebook Ad Costs vs Value


​​The Difference Between The Cost Of A Facebook Ad Click & The Value ​Managing your ads based on getting cheaper clicks ​& leads is not always ​the best option.Take these results from a test of 2 ad variations as an example.The control (left) has: ​A higher CTR ​A lower CPC ​More clicks check-circle More leads […]

Average Data Is Killing Your Facebook Ad Profits


​How ​Average Data Is Killing Your Facebook Ad Profits You don’t want average results or average returns…But, if you’re just looking at the preset reporting metrics in your Ads Manager dashboard without taking the time to really dig down & analyze your in-depth ​metrics, you’re making decisions based on average data. ​For the purpose of […]

Standard vs Custom Conversion Events


​​Should You Use Standard Events Or Custom Conversions To Track Ad ​Performance? ​If you’re using Facebook ads you need to track your conversions, otherwise​: ​The algorithm has no way of optimizing your ads for your goals ​You have no way of measuring your ad performance ​You’ll end up wasting your ad spendIf you have the […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance


​10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance If you run Facebook ads I’m willing to bet that you’ve come across a number of different agencies offering to help you “improve your Facebook ads performance”, or something like that.(Yes, I understand the irony that we’re a Facebook ads agency offering to do just that too…but […]

The 3 “TIC’s” For Facebook Ad Creation


​The 3 “TIC’s” For Facebook Ad Creation ​Like ​everything in life, the success of a Facebook ad​​ ​is influenced by 2 factors: The things you can control & the things you can’t. ​When running Facebook ads, you really only have full control over three things:Your targetingYour images or videoYour copy”Tageting-Image-Copy or TIC” ​​Everything else i​s influenced by external […]