How To Beat Rising Ad Costs With A Free MyRS Audit

With the cost of Facebook ads rising there are more & more people out there trying to sell their "secret tactics to get cheap clicks".

Not here. (we don't actively pursue cheap clicks at ViaFunnel)

The only secret ​we have to reveal is that your Facebook ad account is actually hiding potential revenue from you.

We call them 'profit pockets' & we can find them for you with a MyRS Audit.

What Is A MyRS Audit?

The "MyRS Audit" stands for "My Revenue Search Audit" & it got that name for 2 reasons:

  • 1
    Its an in-depth search through your ad account data to find opportunities to increase the revenue & return generated by your Facebook ads
  • 2
    ​We wanted a memorable tagline:

​"The MyRS Audit"

It's like an IRS audit for your Facebook Ad Account (except you'll like what we ​find)

​Who ​Is The MyRS Audit For?

At ViaFunnel our goal is to help as many business owners, entrepreneurs & Facebook ad managers get the best performance possible from their ads & funnels however, the MyRS Audit isn't suitable for everyone.

In order for us to be able to have enough data to find opportunities for you to optimize your ads & make your profits immune to rising ad costs you'll need to have the following:

  • ​At least 2 ad campaigns - preferably one for prospecting cold traffic & another for retargeting warm traffic.
  • ​The Facebook Pixel installed & tracking conversion events - preferably with conversion values ​where appropriate.
  • ​A minimum of $100/day ad spend - preferably for the past 30 days or more.

You'll also need to demonstrate that you have a strong commitment to reaching your advertising goals.

​We forfeit $​500 in revenue ​for​ each free MyRS audit ​we perform & we want to make sure that we're helping people who will take action on the insights we provide.

​If you want ​us to help you find your hidden 'profit pockets' but your account doesn't meet the above requirements the following blog posts may help.

How Does A MyRS Audit Work?

When you apply for your free audit we'll ask for your Facebook Ad Account ID so that we can request temporary analyst level access to perform the audit.

We'll also ask you to provide a brief overview of your ad campaigns & goals so that we can focus on the areas that are most important to you.

For this reason, every audit is different so it's impossible to say exactly what your audit will reveal.

However, we do have 3 core objectives for every audit so you'll know that at the very least you'll find:

​Opportunities To Optimize For Your Goals

​Hidden Profit Pockets

​​Wasted Ad Spend

​If you want to see how we can help you beat rising ad costs by ​finding ways to improve your Facebook Ad performance apply for your free MyRS Audit now!