​5 Ways To Scale Your Facebook Ads Without Killing Your KPIs

When it comes to scaling Facebook Ads the basic idea is to spend more money to reach more people & get more conversions for more profit.

The trouble is that in theory the most logical way to do all that is to just increase your daily budget however, in practice this often ends in disaster for your KPIs.

Just ask anyone who has tried scaling that way!

Instead, here are 5 ways to scale your Facebook Ad Campaigns that will have a much higher success rate...

(but remember, Ads can be fickle creatures & not every attempt to scale will be successful)

1. Run more ads

Every time you run a new Ad it is subject to a unique 'learning period' that impacts what section of your target audience the algorithm focuses on delivering your Ad to and therefore who will see it moving forward. 

This means that by simply increasing the number of Ads you ​test (see #4) you'll open up new audience opportunities within your target audiences. 

This is possible because outside factors such as who interacts with your Ad in it's learning phase, what your competitors are doing, news & current events, even the weather, can influence how the algorithm 'learns' what section of your target audience is best suited to your Ads.

2. Add new audience types

Along the similar line as above, running Ads to new audiences that would be interested in or benefit from your offer is a great way to reach more people.

A great way to do this is to use the Lookalike Audience function. This is probably one of the safest & most cost-effective ways to scale your Ad Campaigns.

By providing the algorithm with lists of people who have already proven that they have an interested in your offer the algorithm can find the ​people who are most similar to the​m.

Start with targeting the top 1% because these are the best matches & are going to cost less for you to target with more chance of success.

Another way to access new audiences is by using the Audience Insights tool to see what demographics, likes, activity, etc are strongly represented in your current target audience and use that data to create a new saved audience & Ads that will resonate with this new audience.

For example, if your current target audience is men aged 18-34 who like camping the Audience Insights tool tells us that (at the time of writing) this audience is strongly represented in the construction, installation & repair industry, they like pages & products related to the outdoors & hunting & are more likely to be located in states that are well known for their outdoor recreational activities.

Obviously, there's a lot more information available but, this is more than enough to create new audiences to expand your advertising reach & scale your Ad campaigns.

3. Duplicate with increased budget

I know I said that scaling by increasing your daily budget on successful Ads is a bad move however, duplicating these Ads several times with the same post ID & only changing the daily budget amounts will allow you to test & find the optimal performance budget without killing the KPIs on your primary Ad.

Keep in mind that these duplicated Ads are still subject to the 'learning phase' I described earlier so they may perform a bit differently than the primary Ad & will also need a few days to get settled before you evaluate their performance.

4. Test TIC variations

TIC stands for Targeting, Image, Copy

If you create say ​5 new audiences with the above information and test them with ​2 ​different images & ​2 different types of copy you've suddenly got ​20 new ads to test.

Now obviously, they're not all going to be successful (expect a 20% success rate) but you're going to have a lot more reach & return than by just increasing your Ad budget ​20x.

5. Isolate & duplicate successful segments

Within each Ad (sometimes even the ones that look like losers at face value) you're going to find that there are segments of your targeting that are much more successful than others.

By identifying these extremely profitable segments you can create highly targeted Ads & actually increase your ROAS without having to scale massively - either budget or reach.

The difficulty with this tactic however, is the Ads Manager Dashboard doesn't display this information intuitively. Yes, it's there...but it's difficult to find which is a huge problem for anyone who runs Facebook Ads because this drilled down, specific information is probably more valuable than any 'Facebook ad secrets' or even tips like the ones I've just shared with you.

The good news is that at ViaFunnel our focus is on finding & delivering this valuable data in a way that allows you to uncover huge profit potentials and remove Ads or segments that are draining cash with little or no return. The even better news is that you can learn more & test-drive our service for free here.