​If You Run Facebook Ads I Need Your Help

​​(and I'm giving away a free ​FB Ads Audit in return)

​Message From Nicole Keir

Founder & Lead Analyst - ViaFunnel

Hey there, I'm Nicole & ​I'm trying to get a clear understanding of the different types of ​problems Facebook Advertisers ​have when trying to run ads for maximum profit & minimum cost (and I'm hoping you can help).

If you could take a few minutes to answer the ​f​ive questions below when you click the "Send My Answers" button this page will redirect to our free Instant Facebook Ads Audit tool where you'll be able to select your Ad Account & see your 5 best performing Ads (and the 5 worst that could be costing you money).

The results will be sent to your email as a PDF & unlike the Ad Manager Dashboard, they'll be color coded based on benchmarks so you can easily see where you're performing above average (green), ​close to average (orange) or below average (red).

This means that you'll be able to easily make decisions like which Ads are worth scaling, which Ads should be switched off to save money & which Ads could be optimized for better performance.

But first, I know that you probably don't know who I am & therefore have no reason to trust me!

(I get it, I tend to be skeptical of people I don't know too)

So here my ($2,000 worth) of ​certifications from Digital Marketer to show you that I'm legitimate & invested in helping business owners get the most from their Ads & Funnels:

(you can click on them to verify that they're really mine)

​If you're still here, great!

Thanks in advance for answering these ​​5 questions & I hope your free Ads Audit helps you improve your Ad ​performance!

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